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Standard Page Samples

There are two types of web-design that we offer... template or customised.

Naturally a customised site incurs a higher fee, but then again you guarantee that it is completely unique. A template site is aim at those with a tight budget. A custom site is aimed at those who already have an idea about the design they want but need someone to actually build it.

These are samples of standard template pages. Included within the price, you can set your own global colour scheme and change the font of the title image.

As shown, you can also include the odd image here or there. Images like this help to break up the page, as blocks and blocks of text are not friendly to your visitors. You can either provide the images to us, or let us know an idea of what you'd like and we'll find one for you.

Standard template pages cost just £30 for the first page and because the ground work is done, just £10 for each additional page of the same design. We just put on different words and images.

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(Please note they are in low resolution)

Sample 1
Sample1 - Blue   Sample1 - Green   Rainbow Sample   Sample1 - Purple  

Sample 2
Sample2 - Blue   Sample2 - Green   Sample2 - Pink   Sample2 - Purple  

... more samples to follow shortly.