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Domain Names


Due to the dynamic nature and fierce competition of Domain Name registration, it is not business we're proactively looking for, but it is a simple process and if you'd prefer a payment option that covers both hosting and a domain name at the same time, instead of having different invoices from different sources, we will certainly obtain (subject to availability) and manage it for you.

Owning a domain name is a bit like owning a car, or specifically, the registration number plate... either its brand new and you're the first to take it, or someone already has it. The difference is, once a domain name is already taken, the owner more-than-likely wont want to sell it unless its for a large amount of money, and some are now almost priceless that the owner just won't want to sell them (imagine if you wanted to buy microsoft.com or google.com).

Then of course there are people in to 'domain name warehousing'... they speculate on names that people might want, or take on names that people no longer want, and buy them with the sole intention of selling them on for a hefty profit. There is a popular one that doesn't even entertain bids of less than $688USD, and they own literally hundreds of domain names. It truly is shocking.

Please contact us should you require any more information.

Domains at £12 per year, in biennial intervals
.co.uk    .org.uk    .me.uk
Domain Name

Domains at £17 per year
.com    .eu    .org    .net    .biz    .info

Domains at £50 per year
.gb.com    .mobi

Domains at £50 per year
.uk.com    .cc    .tv

Prices shown include V.A.T. and are available in 1-year intervals, or multiples thereof. If you want to register for 2 years, 5 years or even 10 years, just update the quantity in when you add it to the cart.


All our domain registrations are dealt with through 123-reg.co.uk, or you can allow us to manage the whole process for you.

We have marked up their prices a little, but not by much because their prices are subject to VAT whereas the price you see above is what you actually pay. Of course you may either arrange your own domain registration but would need to set-up for yourself the nameservers, opt-outs, any necessary re-directs and renewal - bearing in mind there renewal is a series of automatic emails

  Own management Widemonk Management
Renewal Reminders limited notification System-generated
automatic emails only
every effort made System-generated
automatic emails forwarded
to you plus phone calls if you
havent responded by the
renewal date.
Nameservers and
future updates
manual set-up Update manually automatic Included
'WhoIs' opt-out manual set-up Set manually to
hide your information
feature available Not applicable
Redirects (if any) manual set-up Set up manually automatic Included
Yet another password
you have to remember
feature available Remember or record it feature available Not applicable

If you would prefer to manage your own domain name, that's entirely up to you but in the mean-time, we are still more than happy to share our advice to regarding such things.

Domain Name Tips
When trying to find your domain name, consider the following points