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Spam Robots


Spam Robots, commonly shortened to 'spam-bots' or even just 'bots', and email harvesters come in many forms and are programs designed to interupt a persons web experience by popping up their annoying adverts or acquiring email addresses to send junk mail to. The most popular being male enhancement pills, replica watches, educational courses, 'phishing' for banking details or transfering funds from former government employees, usually from the african countries.

They do this by following every link on your website ('spidering') in search of email addresses and contact forms. Some are even clever enough to fill in the form and send it to you. Cleverer still, some can even read the 'visual verification image'.

On top of this, once a spam robot has your email address, they exchance it with others so gradually you just get more and more spam mail.

For this reason, right from the outset of creating a new email address, we recommend not to display your email address anywhere on your website, or even anywhere on the internet that is publically available. For your website, its best to use a contact form. There are some you can get for free, but its protection is limited. The contact form we provide has many levels of protection, and has a fantastic rate of success in blocking automatic messaging programs.

It may seen an un-necessary expense, but it is worth it in the long run.