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Gallery Samples

Galleries are based on the standard web page but are primarily made up of thumbnail images, maybe with a description, size or price underneath each one.

The arrangement of the thumbnails can be customised to however you'd like, but to qualify for the 'subsequent page' rate, subsequent pages must use the same arrangement. In addition, we must also ask for a maximum of 18 thumbnails per page. Upgrade to a clickable gallery by making each thumbnail clickable to show a full-size image.

Due to the nature of an image gallery, it is expected that you will provide the images, although we will happily convert these images into thumbnails for you.

The standard gallery template pages cost just £30 for the first page and again, because most of the ground work is done, just £15 for each additional page of the same design because again we just put on different words and images.

We'll be happy to create you a second gallery page with a different arrangement of the thumbnails, but that may be considered another 'first' gallery page, depending on how much the layout differs from the first.

Why not upgrade to include a clickable gallery so your visitors can see a larger image by clicking on the thumbnails.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge...
(Please note they are in low resolution)

Sample 1
Gallery Sample1 - Blue