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Welcome to widemonk.co.uk

Are you looking for a cost effective solution for your website? (isn't everybody!).

Offering exactly that, our website solutions are tailored to your specific needs with hosting, website design and domain name registration.

So why is widemonk.co.uk different? Unlike many others offering similar services, each one of ours is completely independent. We can provide you with just one specific service, or all three at the same time - whatever you need.

And nothing is a hassle. If you need something different to anything you see here, simply contact us with whatever you need.

So what are the basic parts to your website??...

The Domain Name
Basically, you have to register the name that people will type into their internet browser to find your website, www.whatever... Visit our domains page for more information.

Website Hosting
For want of a better description, the place 'in the sky' where your website is actually stored. In reality, it's stored on a secure 'webserver', a special computer design just for that job. You can have your own webserver but its very complex and VERY expensive, which is why almost all websites are hosted by a third party. Again, for more details, please take a look at our hosting packages.

Your website itself
Ok so you have the name, and you have somewhere to keep it, but what is it going to actually LOOK like ? If you're feeling adventurous, have a go yourself. Cant make it do what you want or dont have time to make it yourself, then get someone else to make it. See our web design page for more info.