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What is a 'Domain' ?

The domain name is internet address that we're all familiar with... the 'www.'..

If you already have one of these, fantastic.
If not, no problem, we can give you all the advice you need.

We can manage the domain name for you and set up all the...
(insert tech talk here) for just £20/yr.

Alternatively please feel free to manage your own with any one of the domain name registrars and we'll tell you what nameservers to use.


  Own management Widemonk Management
Renewal Reminders limited notification System-generated automatic emails only every effort made System-generated automatic emails forwarded to you plus phone calls if you havent responded by the renewal date.
Nameservers and
future updates
manual set-up Update manually automatic Included
'WhoIs' opt-out manual set-up Set manually to hide your information feature available Not applicable
Redirects (if any) manual set-up Set up manually automatic Included
Yet another password you have to  remember feature available Remember or record it feature available Not applicable
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